DX1S Series Digital PBX

DX1S is an award winning digital switching system with flexible capacity expandable from 16 ports up to 1000 ports. High integration and advanced technology reduce the size, increase reliability and include so many powerful features to the system.

DX1S Digital PBX System provide effective and efficient communication to the commercial environment, such as offices, hotel/motel, banks government departments, schools, hospitals and factories, etc. Over 200,000 lines had been installed world-wide since 1994.

The whole series include:
DX1S-U (160 Ports) Digital PBX System
DX1S-M (240 Ports) Digital PBX System
DX1S-G (1000 Ports) Digital PBX System

Latest model:
DX1S-I (800 Ports) iPBX System (Integration of IP and Digital PBX)

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